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EPS Topik
EPS Topik Practice mobile application developement

Project Inception

In 2018, Birendra Bohora identified a crucial gap in the market for effective EPS-TOPIK exam preparation resources. His personal experience of learning Korean and recognizing the challenges faced by candidates led him to conceptualize the "EPS Topik Practice" mobile app. He aimed to provide a holistic learning experience to enhance candidates' chances of success in the EPS-TOPIK exam.

App Concept and Features

Birendra envisioned a comprehensive language learning platform that caters specifically to the requirements of the EPS-TOPIK exam. The app's key features were designed to address the shortcomings in existing resources:

  • Mock Tests: To simulate the actual exam environment and assess progress.
  • Vocabulary Building: Exercises focused on EPS-TOPIK vocabulary requirements.
  • Audio Lessons: Enhance listening comprehension with native speaker audio.
  • PDF Study Materials: Downloadable resources for grammar and writing skills.
  • Educational Videos: Engaging videos explaining grammar and Korean culture.

Client's Vision

Birendra's mission was to empower EPS-TOPIK exam aspirants with a user-friendly and effective app that covers all aspects of the UBT Test. He aimed to significantly increase the success rates among candidates and create a positive impact on Nepal's language learning landscape.

Collaboration with BitpointX

Birendra chose BitpointX as his tech partner due to their expertise and dedication to excellence. The collaboration resulted in a highly successful project:

  • BitpointX's team understood the unique challenges faced by EPS-TOPIK exam candidates.
  • We translated Birendra's vision into a functional and user-friendly mobile app.
  • Bitpoint's technical prowess, attention to detail, and proactive approach were key to the app's success.

App Development

The development process focused on creating a feature-rich app that aligns with Birendra's vision:

  • BitpointX developed the mock test module to closely simulate the EPS-TOPIK exam format.
  • Vocabulary exercises were meticulously designed to cover essential words and phrases.
  • Audio lessons featured native speaker pronunciations and dialogues for listening practice.
  • PDF study materials covered grammar rules, language structure, and writing conventions.
  • Educational videos were integrated to explain complex concepts and share cultural insights.

Outcome and Impact

The "EPS Topik Practice" mobile app proved to be a game-changer in EPS-TOPIK exam preparation:

  • Candidates gained access to a comprehensive platform tailored to their needs.
  • The app's flexibility allowed users to learn at their own pace and convenience.
  • Personalized learning paths based on progress improved user engagement.
  • The engaging experience kept users motivated throughout their language learning journey.
  • The app contributed to a higher success rate in the EPS-TOPIK exam.

Client Testimonial

Birendra Bohora expressed his gratitude towards BitpointX for their exceptional contribution to the project. He commended their technical expertise, commitment to excellence, and genuine care for the app's success. Birendra highlighted how BitpointX transformed his vision into a functional reality, creating a positive impact on EPS-TOPIK exam aspirants and the language learning landscape in Nepal.



The "EPS Topik Practice" mobile app stands as a testament to collaboration, dedication, and technological innovation. Birendra Bohora's vision, combined with BitpointX's expertise, resulted in a comprehensive language learning platform that addresses a critical need in the market. The app's success underscores the power of technology in making a positive impact on education and exam preparation.


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