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Growing user expectations propel ongoing changes to technology, and have forced brands to deliver digital experiences that are not only fun, and intuitive but engaging as well; making it more important than ever for brands to be accessible everywhere, in real-time and on both desktop and mobile devices.

Create Optimal User Experience with Perfect Web Solutions

As a leading Web App Development Company, we hold expertise not just for building web apps but also for creating experiences customized to meet the demands of tomorrow's customers. BitpointX enables startups and enterprises to build perfect strategy & transform big ideas through innovative web app development.

How We Process Web Application Development

Our CICD (Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment) approach saves heaps of our development hours and helps us manage the resources efficiently. This method is helpful in deploying all thee potential changes through the deployment pipeline automatically. In CICD, we build products in such a way that they are ready to be released at any time of process. This accounts for the timely deliver of our web application development projects to our customers. Our web app development processes are as follows

1. Defining the Project Roadmap

The Roadmap starts with Project Manager putting together the web application goals, keeping in mind the technical and strategic objectives. This consequenly helps us to have precise navigation for the necessary tasks, each documented with its respective approximate timeline

2. Defining the Audience and Security Requirements of the Application

The Project Manager carries out these documentations in consultation with the client. After researching and understanding the use cases of the application, we create a complete analytical report on the audience and Security Requirements.

Audience report includes:

1. User segmentation statistics.
2. Audience demographics and interest.
3. Specifies single level or multilevel user access.

Security requirements report includes:

1. Listing security-related risks associated with the application
2. Defining the characteristics of use cases of the application
3. History of security breachs

3. Creating a Visual Guide, User Interface and Wireframe of the App

The project manager works on this with the coordination of the design and development team. The team sketches the interface and interactions related to every feature of the app. It works on a visual guide or a wireframe that would bring our the best user experience for the app.

4. Development

When the design interface is complated by the creative team and approved by the client, the development team takes over.

The team takes the following steps to develop the application:

1. Creation of the Application Architecture and Framework
2. Design the Database Structure
3. Customise the Application Module, Libraries and Classes
4. Development and Implementation of all Functionalities

5. Beta Testing and Bug Fixing

A web application, once go-live, must be secure, reliable and fully functional. Our QA team does vigorous web app testing to ensure that your application remains bug-free, responsive and user-friendly.

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